February Reflections + March Intentions

Being present, living with intention, and taking time to reflect are so important to personal growth and our overall health. We all want to be happy, to live a life of fulfillment, to be healthy and free of dis-ease. How do we get there? By continually growing and learning and being truly conscious in our lives (i.e. not mentally checking out and just going through your days on autopilot).

One way I am trying to do this in my life is through monthly reflection and intention setting. At the end of every month I will take some time to think back on the previous month and look towards the new month ahead to determine what I would like to focus on. I’m thinking more high-level intentions for how I want to live my life. So not detailed goal-setting, which I already do, but more of an overall theme to help take me one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams.

Looking back, my word for February is new beginnings. I celebrated a birthday this past month, so begin a new trip around the sun, one year older (and hopefully wiser). I also went went back to school, starting my nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) certification program. It was the beginning of a nine month long roller coaster ride that will most likely be life-changing. The program has been amazing so far and I am trying to soak up everything that I learn like a sponge while I figure out how to fit my schoolwork into my current work and home life.

Apart from all of the wonderful love I feel from friends and family around my birthday, February can be tough. I’m fortunate that I have something to light up what is a cold, winter month where I live. I try not to focus on the weather but seasonal depression is a real thing and, come February, I normally am day dreaming of Spring’s arrival. It’s tough waking up when it’s cold and dark every morning! But I have been noticing that the mornings are starting to get just a little bit lighter, oh so slowly.

I’m so excited for the month ahead because it is when we start to see the shift to a new season. Everything starts to [slowly] come to life. I can’t wait to see the first daffodils pop up from the ground and the first buds on the trees. Their color makes me happy after a season of dullness; their strength and perseverance are inspiring.

My intention for March is absorb and apply all that I am learning in my NTP program while also practicing patience with myself. There is so much to learn and my goal from the beginning was to use myself as my first client and to fully embrace what I am learning. To practice it and see how it impacts my life. But, I know myself and my strong perfectionist tendencies. I can take things too far and become too obsessed to the point where it becomes unhealthy, not to mention burned out.

I believe that it is important to prioritize health and nutrition, no doubt, but it is also important to let go a little and have fun when the time permits. I’m going to eat cake and drink with my friends if I want to. And I need to be okay with that, no matter what I am learning in my program. Because there is more to life than the perfect diet. Yes, the goal is to be healthy, but you gotta enjoy the ride too, right?